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Jamestown: American Legacy Student Survey Results

The Youth Leadership Initiative(YLI) and American Evolution announce the results of the 2019 National Jamestown: American Legacy Student Survey!

After two weeks of open polls, YLI is proud to announce that thousands of students from across the country have made their opinions known! Each year, YLI conducts the largest, secure student-only, online mock election in the United States using ballots specifically tailored to each student’s home legislative district. This year, polls were opened to thousands of students from October 21st-November 1st.

In partnership with American Evolution, students nationwide participated in the Jamestown: American Legacy Student Survey which highlighted significant events that took place in the Virginia Colony in 1619 and have continued to impact American society through current times. Topics included on that ballot considered the constitutional ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment; reparations for communities affected by slavery and the subsequent Jim Crow laws; and term limits for congressional representatives. The survey questions were designed to reflect the three major historical events that took place at Jamestown in 1619; the arrival of women in significant numbers, the arrival of the first enslaved Africans to the Virginia colony, and the beginning of self-government with the establishment of the Virginia General Assembly. For more information about the 2019 Commemoration and events visit, American Evolution.

The first referendum question asked students to consider the addition of an equal rights amendment (ERA) to the United States Constitution. Students overwhelmingly supported adding the ERA with 85% of participants voting for the amendment. Students were then asked to think about the effects of slavery and racism on communities of color throughout the United States. The referenda asked if students would support additional Federal funding for communities that had been affected by slavery, Jim Crow, and legal segregation. Again students showed majority support for this idea. 67% of participating students voted in favor of reparations in the form of additional funding. In a nod to the beginnings of self-government in English North America at Jamestown, the survey asked if elected representatives to Congress (both the House and the Senate) should have limits on the amount of times they can serve in office; students voted in favor of the idea 67% to 19%.

Thank you to YLI’s registered educators and their students for participating in YLI programs such as the Mock Election. We hope that many will join us for our upcoming session of E-Congress as well as using the First Freedom Wall to join in civil conversations. Special thanks to YLI’s partner, American Evolution for making a difference and highlighting the importance of civic engagement to our nation’s students––America’s future! For more information on YLI programs visit,www.youthleadership.net. And to find out more about American Evolution visit www.americanevolution2019.com .