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YLI Opens 2020 E-Congress Legislative Session

The Youth Leadership Initiative (YLI) opened the 19th session of its National E-Congress simulation program on Tuesday, January 7. As in previous years teachers can register their students to participate in a nation-wide activity designed to DISCOURSE, DEBATE and COMPROMISE on legislation that they themselves have researched, written and sent to the be voted on by peers.

Meg Heubeck, Director of Instruction for YLI says that this is her favorite program that is offered on the site. "I started with the E-Congress in 2002, and my students just loved it. It was really great for them to receive feedback from other students instead of from a teacher. They took the feedback better. I also think that this is an authentic learning assignment that makes a lasting impact on students' future behavior. There is a real, 'Yes, I can' feel to it."

All teachers need to do to participate is register with the Youth Leadership Initiative if they haven't already. To register visit www.youthleadership.net and click the red, "Teachers, Sign-up for FREE today!", banner. Once approved a teacher logs in to his/her/hir account and follows along with the materials provided by YLI. Everything needed to successfully run the E-Congress has been included on the website making it a great project for homeschool educators as well as those looking for something students can do remotely because of weather. Teachers may learn E-Congress functionality by participating in the program demonstration.

Daman Irby, Deputy Director of Instruction at YLI says that his favorite aspect of E-Congress is the mixing of ideas that happens when students communicate outside of their local communities. "An idea commonly accepted in one school that might pass easily in the classroom committee may be very unpopular in a classroom from another region. Students learn that not everyone in the nation thinks like them, but they can have genuine discussions about ideological differences without conflict."

Like all YLI programs, the 2020 E-Congress is FREE for all registered YLI teachers. The program opened on January 7th and will conclude on April 3rd, 2020. For more information on the E-Congress, YLI or the University of Virginia Center for Politics, visit www.youthleadership.net or call toll free: 1.866.514.8389.