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YLI Week of Civics & Service, April 1-7

The Youth Leadership Initiative at the University of Virginia Center for Politics has organized as a part of its Democracy Corps program the YLI Week of Civics and Service. This national event which will take place April 1-7 provides an opportunity for students and their families to lift up their communities. Even though students in classes and organizations are separated from one another, all can work in a coordinated effort (albeit socially distanced) to strengthen their neighborhoods. The level of social distancing and acceptable activities vary depending on where one lives, so service should be customized based on local circumstances. All are encouraged to take actions that will help or encourage others.

Service examples include:

  • Help a neighbor, especially the elderly (yard work, fix something, shop if they can't get out, etc.).
  • Write emails or letters of support to nursing home residents/staff, doctor’s offices, grocery stores, service members, etc. Please avoid sending letters if you are sick, and don't lick the envelopes.
  • Decorate your property or apartment balcony/windows with lights to raise cheer.
  • Make a poster of gratitude with cardboard or poster board to post on your property or apartment window (e.g. “THANKS, TRUCK DRIVERS!”; “THANKS, FIRE FIGHTERS”; etc.).
  • Pick up trash in your neighborhood. Please use gloves!
  • Have an idea to help your community, state, or nation on a wider scale? Write a letter to your elected official!
  • Come up with your own creative idea!

YLI would like to share some of these projects on social media. Please send an email about your project to ylihelp@virginia.edu and include your school/organization, city, and state. You're also welcome to send photos! Please let YLI know about your service even if you don't want to be on social media. Share your impact! Teachers, scout troops, and other youth organizations are encouraged to share this opportunity with their students and members. Even in a time of social distancing, all can make a difference to their communities. Contact Daman Irby at irby@virginia.edu if your organization would like to partner in this effort.

Join in the YLI Week of Civics and Service!