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Civics Opportunity for Your HS Students

YLI is excited to inform you about a unique opportunity for your students.

The a href="https://www.civicsunplugged.org/" target ="pop"> Civics Unplugged Fellowship Program is a completely free virtual opportunity for high school students to engage with other civic-minded young leaders and explore the future of American democracy. Over the course of six months, the Fellows will learn "personal development, systems thinking, democratic theory, and community building." Civics Unplugged is excited to welcome 500 students into their class of 2021 program this Spring. Make sure your students don't miss the November 30, 2020 application deadline

A typical week for a Fellow begins with a Monday bonfire at 7:30 ET. These weekly bonfires are engaging zoom calls that provide opportunities to engage in large group discussions.

Another weekly aspect of the Fellowship curriculum is the Junto Circle meetings. Since there are over 500 students in the program, this is a chance to speak in small core groups of 7-8 students. The purpose of the Junto Circle is for students to express their gratitude and share their leadership journey with others. Each week, a different Fellow will rotate in as the facilitator.

Finally, once every two weeks a Civics Superhero will speak to current Fellows about their professional experience in the political sector. In the past, guest speakers have been successful political theorists, civil servants, engineers, entrepreneurs, elected officials, and more. Some of those renowned guest speakers have included Valerie Jarrett, Shavar Jeffries, Peter Block, Lawrence Lessig, Audrey Tang, Katie Fahey, Tom Steyer, and Brian McClendon to name a few.

The culmination of the Fellowship program is the Civics 2030 Pledge. This personal pledge is a life map and a high-quality outline that Fellows will commit to work towards over the next decade. After graduating from the fellowship program in the summer of 2021, the Civics Unplugged community will provide members with ongoing mentorship, funding, and internship opportunities. This is a wonderful opportunity for young leaders and achievers to engage with one another on their journey towards resilience and civic leadership.