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Lesson Plan

Talking Turkey: Introduction

Levels: College/Adult, High School, Home School, Middle School

Unit: A Call to Action, Civic Education Skills, Political Beliefs and Behaviors

Many elder statesmen have commented on the fact that the collegiality they shared in the past with members of different political ideologies has disappeared in this modern era of polarization. The ability to discuss issues from varying points of view, debate their merits, and compromise on solutions is quickly disappearing from our political process. This is a shame, because the Founders believed that debate, discourse and compromise were important to continuing the tradition of government by the majority with protection for the minority. Perhaps we have lost the art of debate, discourse and compromise. This series of downloadable topic papers is an attempt to start reviving the skills of civil discourse by encouraging teachers, parents, and students to sit down together and really examine the important issues of our day. Each downloadable topic contains talking points from both sides of the issue, links to websites with information from important political figures like the President, governmental agencies, and related organizations. There are also guiding questions to help begin a conversation. This program is recommended for use in the classroom, but more importantly might be a great way to involve your Parent Student Organizations in meaningful discourse and discussion.

Description File Type Language
Talking Turkey: Intro MS Word 2007+ English
Talking Turkey: Intro PDF English
Classroom Contract- Talking Turkey MS Word 2007+ English
Classroom Contract- Talking Turkey PDF English