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Lesson Plan

Talking Turkey 2024: Social Justice

Levels: College/Adult, High School, Home School, Middle School

Unit: A Call to Action, Civic Education Skills, Political Beliefs and Behaviors, The Political Process

What are the most important social justice concerns facing our nation today, and how can we help promote reform—if needed—in these areas? Social justice is a broad term for political advocacy movements to increase equal opportunities for certain economic, political, and social rights. There are many social justice issues facing our nation today, and several have become highly politicized. Issues of Climate Justice, Gun Violence, and Abortion Rights are all social justice issues with which the two dominating political parties—Democrats and Republicans—have clearly defined viewpoints on. Other major social justice movements may include, but are not limited to: Women’s Rights, Black Lives Matter, Reproductive Rights, Poverty and Income Inequality, Criminal Justice, Immigrant Rights, Food Insecurity, and Voting Rights

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