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With the touch of a button, students leap into the world of politics through the civic education resources of the Youth Leadership Initiative. YLI jump-starts a lifetime of civic engagement for the next generation by creating innovative technology-based projects that bring the American democratic process to life in your classroom.

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Lesson Plans

YLI offers over 100 rigorous teacher developed K-12 civics and government lesson plans and the curriculum continues to grow. Learn More | View Samples

Mock Election

Each year, YLI conducts the largest secure, student only, online mock election in the U.S. using ballots tailored to each student's home legislative district. The 2012 National Mock Election will run October 22 until November 1. YLI also hosts My Mock Election throughout the year and has the ability to host state and international elections. Learn More | View Demo


YLI's E-Congress allows students to simulate the role of a representative in the United States Congress, by researching and drafting legislation, debating it in legislative committees and voting along with thousands of other students across the country. Learn More | View Demo

Democracy Corps

The YLI Democracy Corps answers students' questions about why we have a democracy and how they can be involved in it. Students interact with local political leaders, deliberate solutions to real problems and influence public policy related to contemporary issues. Learn More | View Samples

A More Perfect Union

For citizens of Franklin, these are challenging times. Honest leadership is scarce and the results of the upcoming election are critical to Franklin's future. As the battle for control of the Unites States Senate rages, your students are in charge of the most-watched campaign in the nation. Learn More

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