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A More Perfect Union

A Political Game Adventure

A More Perfect Union simulates an actual Senatorial campaign. Students plan and run a campaign for the fictional state of Franklin. Did you ever wonder what it was like to run for Senate? Wonder no more with this interactive campaign simulation program.

“Your website is the place I go first when looking for a unique or interesting addition to my lessons. Thanks again. You guys are great!”

—Mike Jordan
Camden County High School
Camden, GA
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The opposition will stop at nothing to win.  Rumors of scandal abound.  The media hounds the candidate at every stop.  Millions of dollars are being spent to wage this unprecedented race.  Student campaign managers must be on their toes as they:

  • Explore campaign headquarters and the state of Franklin to plan their candidate’s every move
  • Learn the idiosyncrasies of their staff; the commanding political advisor, the over stressed treasurer, the laid-back pollster, the social butterfly fundraiser, and the highly-caffeinated media team.
  • Purchase campaign ads and develop statewide strategies to promote their candidate.
  • Order polls to learn the issues of greatest concern to Franklin’s citizens.

Will your students run an honest campaign or resort to underhanded tactics?  The decisions are theirs as they strive to build…A More Perfect Union.

Program Includes

  • Downloadable campaign simulation (Cannot be downloaded onto newest MACs)
  • Supporting lesson plans on political ideology, campaign advertising, polling ,campaign finance and demographics
  • Downloadable campaign resource guide that includes:
    • Instructional goals
    • Simulation features
    • Game navigation tips
    • Demographics training

Teachers registered with YLI can download the campaign simulation, A More Perfect Union for FREE.  The software may be installed onto multiple computers for classroom use.

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