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New Political Atlas

The new Political Atlas features expert race ratings, poll-based forecasts, and social media trends in advance of the 2018 election The Youth Leadership Initiative (YLI) is proud to announce the release of an online Political Atlas that was created by the University of Virginia Center for Politics and IPSOS. This interactive atlas gives student the […]

YLI & CFP Host “Common Grounds” Event

On November 28, 2017, over two hundred high school students traveled from across Virginia to participate in the first ever Common Grounds event sponsored by the University of Virginia Center for Politics. The goal of the conference was to assemble high school students representing an array of political ideologies and perspectives for a day of […]

YLI Contributes to LEAD-Mongolia Fellowship

The University of Virginia Center for Politics to which the Youth Leadership Initiative belongs seeks to increase civic engagement both in the United States and around the globe. The Center’s Global Perspectives on Democracy (GPD) program began in 2006 as a way to promote the values of civic engagement beyond the boundaries of the United […]

2017 YLI National Mock Election and Redistricting Survey

The Youth Leadership Initiative at the University of Virginia Center for Politics proudly announces that the 2017 National Mock Election and Redistricting Survey is live and accessible to teachers across the country. This fall YLI provides all participating YLI schools with an opportunity to practice the most basic of citizenship skills; voting. Schools in Virginia […]

YLI in USA Today

For the past two years the Youth Leadership Initiative (YLI) has focused its efforts on creating resources and programs meant to increase political civility. In January 2017 Meg Heubeck, YLI Director of Instruction, was interviewed by USA Today/Gannett Papers about those efforts. The resulting article was the first of a series entitled, “I am an […]

YLI Commemorates JFK’s 100th Birthday

The Youth Leadership Initiative (YLI) celebrated what would have been John F. Kennedy’s 100th birthday with a day of fun-filled activities attended by local children. The day’s events were a part of the Center for Politics’ Virginia Political History Project (VPHP) during which participants learned significant facts about America’s history and government. Local Boys and […]

YLI and AME Announce 100 Day Report Card

The Youth Leadership Initiative (YLI) and America’s Mock Election (AME) teamed up to produce the AME Hundred Days Report Card. YLI interns researched and created info graphics on President Trump’s first one hundred days in office. Topics covered in this forty minute program include immigration, environmental protection, foreign policy, education, and health care. Use this […]